I found this "Past" typography design floating around on Pinterest maybe a year ago. I saved it to one of my boards and was always mesmerized by it. So I decided to find out who the artist was. I finally found a Behance Project called Type Beast with this design included in it.

It was created by a talented Typography Designer called Miklos aka Kissmiklos. So I reached out to him to see if he would allow me to animate this design and he happily agreed. I chose this design because I really loved the balance and flow of the letters and was impressed at how intricately brought each letter together to make one solid design . I thought it was genius!

Here's a breakdown of how I animated it below. I didn't use Adobe Illustrator or After Effects. I used Apple Keynote for everything. ( Which in my opinion is A LOT easier) 

So first I traced over the text to create an outline.
I then created a separate trace of the fill color. (To be honest I love the fill even more by itself!)

Then I played around with different animation styles.

I wanted it to be a bit more complex so I tweaked the animation. I added a zoom in effect. This was my first time trying this style. So it took me several hours to get it just right.
And here is another version of the same animation with a quick zoom in at the end.

Check out all the typography styles in Kissmiklos Type Beast Collection Here
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